Monday, March 20, 2017

Taking Risks is FUN

Of course this quote applies to our students, however,


(Photo courtesy of Chris Dupont)

I love being a school librarian because of the opportunities to work with all of the teachers in our building, working collaboratively across all content levels, taking risks and trying things that I have never done before.  I'm genuinely interested in all content areas, recently admitting that I could be a professional student or if able audit any one of the courses currently being offered in our building.

Here are just some of the various ways I support teachers:

(Supporting Teachers by Sarah Oldenkamp (CC BY-SA 2.0))

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Supporting our kids in the Library

The library is bustling with students all day long and I am very thankful the environment we have created provides a safe place for our students!

Count of students choosing to be in the library throughout the day:

(This graph does NOT represent students who only stop in to purchase an item from the Novel Cup, have a brief chat with one of us or check out materials. )

Count of students choosing the library before school:

So...all of these students are coming to the library, what are they doing and why are they here?

We are working hard to provide a space that is flexible to support students in what they need at the precise moment they enter this space.  Students and staff feel comfortable asking a wide range of questions and expressing a wide range of needs.  If we can't help, we direct them on a path to get the help they need.  
  • Social and emotional support:
    • Providing an environment where students can de-stress
    • Getting support from friends
    • Coloring
    • Playing games (video games and board games)
    • Listening to music
    • Support from any staff member in the library, we have students who use this space to check in or as a safe place to help them refocus for the day
  • Academic support:
    • Collaborative space to study
    • Research help 
    • Quiet place to study and focus
    • Space to record audio/video for classroom projects
    • Individual work completion
    • Any type of academic support
    • Learning new skills by trying out resources we have in the makerspace

(Want to know how to use creative commons images and cite them like I did above this line?  Check out this web-guide: Copyright-Friendly Images and Music or ask your librarian)