Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New and Upcoming Items in the Library

After an extremely long hiatus from this blog here is a new post!

Here are some new things happening in the library:
  • Makerspace Recap
    • Our first Makerspace challenge was a success.  We had students that worked together to create/invent an original game using cardboard.  While it wasn't as successful as I had hoped, for our first event I was happy that we had 5 games created.  Those students that worked hard on their games were very excited to explain them to students and library staff, updating us on their progress!  When they finished the game they were very proud of their hard-work!  
  • Here is a glimpse of what the library looks like during enrichment!  Students are working, participating in Makerspace activities, or enjoying a game with their friends.
  • Whiteboard question of the month:

  • Student council and Key Club members have been busy tying the P for next year's homecoming!

  • Physics class has been busy working on their toothpick bridges!  Thanks Mrs. Jabens for bringing down your classes!!!

  • Students have discovered the piano in the library and have been providing the library with beautiful music!

Here are some items that are COMING SOON:
  • Our recording room will be outfitted with music recording equipment and a podcast booth for student and teacher use.

  • Mini lessons based around projects being assigned, as well as various lessons on research, organization and reading.  (I am also open to other ideas, so feel free to share them!)