Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Supporting our kids in the Library

The library is bustling with students all day long and I am very thankful the environment we have created provides a safe place for our students!

Count of students choosing to be in the library throughout the day:

(This graph does NOT represent students who only stop in to purchase an item from the Novel Cup, have a brief chat with one of us or check out materials. )

Count of students choosing the library before school:

So...all of these students are coming to the library, what are they doing and why are they here?

We are working hard to provide a space that is flexible to support students in what they need at the precise moment they enter this space.  Students and staff feel comfortable asking a wide range of questions and expressing a wide range of needs.  If we can't help, we direct them on a path to get the help they need.  
  • Social and emotional support:
    • Providing an environment where students can de-stress
    • Getting support from friends
    • Coloring
    • Playing games (video games and board games)
    • Listening to music
    • Support from any staff member in the library, we have students who use this space to check in or as a safe place to help them refocus for the day
  • Academic support:
    • Collaborative space to study
    • Research help 
    • Quiet place to study and focus
    • Space to record audio/video for classroom projects
    • Individual work completion
    • Any type of academic support
    • Learning new skills by trying out resources we have in the makerspace

(Want to know how to use creative commons images and cite them like I did above this line?  Check out this web-guide: Copyright-Friendly Images and Music or ask your librarian)

1 comment:

  1. Sarah,
    The atmosphere in the library is warm and inviting and the energy is contagious.
    It's no wonder kids want to come to the library.
    So thankful for the support you are providing to our kids.